onsdag 20 november 2013

Berits vernissage/projektutställning

Berit i Konst2 ställer just nu ut i vårt galleri, under vernissagen genomförde hon också en performance där besökarna bjöds in att delta. Texten som följde utställningen var:

Zero nollställd
I close my eyes I take a deep breath and holding it for a second and two and then breath out heartily as I open my eyes with a smile of eager anticipation of what would now hit the canvas I am
excited to see what secrets my canvas is hiding today I can hear voices in my head monica saying sometimes you have to kill your darlings I can see anna making a rolley polley kullerbytta in my inner eye and I can feel ulf physically pushing me to get on I finish this piece of crap or art I stand strong and
focused and everybrush stroke sharpscratch with nails or gentle smudge with a finger or cloth is filled with a sense of releif that I know can relax and just let the painting happen and i just follow its way til I am satisfied that i have once again made a mark in this world that is all
my own

abstrakt expressionism på gång i ateljéerna...

måndag 18 november 2013

Konstruktivistiska filmaffischer

Konst har arbetat med att göra konstruktivistiska filmaffischer till Foto/filmlinjens kortfilmer, här är några exempel: